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Pluto Pet Clinic

Chief veterinary surgeon of Pluto Pet Clinic, Ranchi

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is not only our chief veterinarian, but he is the man behind the establishment of this clinic. He is an experienced veterinarian, specialist in emergency and critical care medicine. Dr Sarkar is always prompt to acquire knowledge in  national and international training programmes. Additionally, He is among the selected few veterinarians getting trained under Virginia- Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine  and college of veterinary medicine michigan state university

Dr Sarkar is active in online platforms as well. His expert opinions are published in Dogs and Pup magazine magazine, quora.com. Naturally,Dr Sarkar has been selected to be a board member of a telemedicine company named Benevet Inc U.S.A.  Additionally, he is also an associate member of Asian society of veterinary dermatology, Beijing. 

He has published many scientific articles, some of those articles were published in Intas Polivet. In addition, he has researched to save the lives of dogs and cats. His topic of research was “Evaluation of Plasma volume Expanders in Canine Parvoviral Enteritis”.

Some of Dr Suranjan Sarkar achievements –

  • Dr Sarkar is working for benefit of small animals since 1995.
  • Recently trained for 90 dog handlers of Central Reserve Police Force, Jharkhand.
  • Uniquely he is treating dogs of Railway protection force, Hatia, Ranchi.
  • His opinion matters. He is asked for an opinion by the journalists of newspapers. Recently his opinion came in Times of India  and Telegraph
  • Won selfie with Bestie contest Pluto Pet Clinic won Selfie with Bestie contest by drools
In India, it is customary to get the pets treated by non-veterinarians.Dr Sarkar continuously educating pet owners. To get their pets treated by a qualified vet only and not by breeders, dog sellers and quakes. As per law quakes, dog sellers and dog breeders cannot treat animals. In fact, this is a cruelty to animals. Not to mention in the long run it hurts the dog and dies an untimely death. As a matter of fact, five years of hard work in study and years of practice makes a perfect vet. Furthermore one cannot practice without registration in the veterinary council of India

Dr Sarkar is an expert in dermatology and about 90 percent of cases coming to our clinic is of common dog skin diseases, he is a great resource for our clinic. being a critical care specialist he is always prepared for a pet emergency. Undoubtedly, this makes our pet clinic most popular in Ranchi.

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