Services of Pluto Pet clinics, Ranchi

Our Services

  1. Dog Vaccination
  2. Dog Treatment 
  3. Microchipping
  4. Skin Treatment
  5. Ticks and Mange Therapy
  6. Emergency & Critical Care Medicine
  7. Endoscopy
  8. Treatment of Exotic Pets
  9. Animal Nutrition
  10. Advice on Breeding and genetics
  11. Pet Dentistry
  12. Thyroid and other hormone-related problems of pets.
  13. Geriatrics medicine of pets
  14. Veterinary Dermatology
  15. Serological tests of dogs and cats
  16. Dog food
  17. facilitating in getting dog hostels and dog training
24 hours support to all our registered pet owners on mobile number -9934177145

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