Wrong Food Bowl can kill your Dog !!

slow bowl- Prevent your dog from choking
Wrong food bowl can kill your dog by choking. Here is a food bowl that corrects your dog's bloating.


Recently a leading Indian Dog feed company- drools demonstrated a new range of food for dogs. They gave me a lot of samples to try. I tried this food by serving the dogs that came to our clinic. they liked the food very much. I found that some dogs who were anorectic or not eating for some - be it fever, inappetence or worm load, they started eating right in my clinic just by giving this food. Therefore, I suggested the dog owners give this food in their home on regular basis.

Surprisingly after a week, I began to receive a complaint that dog food is causing choking in their dogs.

For your copy-and-pasting pleasure. I became concerned and so I went to their home and found that most of the dogs especially "Pug, Labrador, Golden retrievers and German Shepherd" breeds were not chewing this food, they were just gulping a large amount of this food hurriedly.

Some breeds such as Labradors and Pug has a tendency to eat more than their capacity. So sometimes there was choking and sometimes they just regurgitated whole food.There was nothing wrong with the food but the way they were taking food was the problem.

I found a way out. I introduced "Slow bowl" which was bought online through Amazon since it was not available locally. And everything improved. The dogs are now healthy.  Slow bowl for dogs life Later I learnt that "Slow Bowls " are good for obese dogs also. Obese dogs now take time and chew their food and so eat less quantity. I observed that dogs suffering from chronic digestive problems also improved because earlier they used to swallow a large amount of air along with their food so they used to either vomit and cause indigestion. Now with slow bowl dogs have to chew food and thus, in turn, solve the digestive problems. This is one of the reasons home food is better than commercial food because your dog will be forced to chew the food due to their uneven shape. Homemade food is for people who can take the pain to cook food for their dogs every day. I have dealt with these topics in my two separate article "Homemade food for dogs" and "Home cooked food for Dogs with Kidney Failure"


Wrong feed Bowl can kill your dog and the right one makes your dog healthy.  

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