Do you suffer from allergies? Know why Labradors are worst dog for you!

Labrador Retrievers is the most popular breed in the United States for 30 years in a row. They appear friendly, happy and puppies look especially cute. 

Labrador Retrievers are the best dog for any dog lover but if you are asthmatic, or suffer from allergies, hives, and want to get a Labrador then this article is for you. Better to know why labradors are the worst dog for you. 

Labradors are the worst Dog !

13 reasons to say why Labradors are the worst dog.

1. Labradors trigger human allergies

Labradors are double coats having short hairs. They shed profusely. These short hair may make its way to your nose and to your lungs. Allergic individuals suffer from asthmatic attacks. Their saliva may cause problems to some allergic individuals. 

2. Labs can be expensive to buy

In the USA as a rough guide Labradors cost between $800 to $1200. In the UK you have to pay between £650 to £900. Price differs from breeder to breeder. 

3. Labs suffer from unique health issues

Labradors suffer from health issues that can be painful both for the dog and the owner. Here is some of the common problems

A. Hip Dysplasia

 Labradors have a tendency to become obese as they eat more than they need. As a result, they suffer from hip dysplasia. Maintaining ideal weight and daily doses of Glucosamine may correct this condition. Weekly swimming is effective in correcting hip dysplasia. 

B. Bloat and obesity

fat labrador

Bloat is a common problem for labradors. This is because Labs eat too fast or too much. You may need to limit the quantity in each meal and also ensure that there is no snack in between meals. 

C. Ear infection

Labradors are loved for their large floppy ears, however, the large ear becomes a seat for infections. This can easily be prevented by clipping extra hairs in the skin, also by ensuring that your dog is dry after a swim. Regular cleaning with ear flushing solutions such as Virbac Epiotic is a good idea. 

D. Heart Disease

Labradors have a predisposition for congestive heart failure. we need to keep them more athletic to prevent them from acquiring heart problems.  

4. Labradors - personal injury claims

In 2016 pet insurer survey revealed that Labradors are responsible for more personal injury claims than any other dog. This may be due to their large number, more labradors are owned in the USA than any other dog. Labradors are protective by nature. This is why postal staff and delivery drivers are bitten most often.

 Research shows 54 percent of dog bites were the result of dogs not being kept securely. Victims of such labrador dog bite rightfully think that Labradors are the worst dog. 

5. Labradors need more exercise

Labradors needs exercise

Labrador is an active breed. An adult healthy labrador needs 80 minutes of high-quality exercise per day. You have to find time for your dog. There are many ways you can exercise your dog. hiking, skating with your dog, swimming, draft work, obedience are some of them. 

6. Labradors can be destructive

Labradors can be destructive when left alone or they can do it out of boredom. they chew your furniture especially when they are young puppies.

7. Labradors cannot be trusted with young babies

You cannot trust a labrador to be left alone with babies. They love human babies too much. They may harm them unknowingly. 

8. Labradors hump too much

All dogs hump when they are excited. Labradors do it more often. It might not be pleasant when a heavyweight labrador humps on you all of a sudden, with hairs all over your dress. 

9. Labradors are too common

Labrador retrievers are the most common dog breed in the United States and Canada and beyond. Their numbers increased during COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, if you want a dog that will make you stand out of the crowd, Labrador Retriever is not the one you want. 

10. Labs suffer from skin allergies

Labrador Retrievers are water dogs, they are bred to survive in icy cold waters to fetch waterfowl for their owners. Modern Labradors living in cities with us have very limited opportunities to swim. This is why Labs often suffer from skin conditions with dry, flaky skin. 

11. They shed a lot

Labradors are heavy shedder. They have short hair all over their body, and when they shed, their hairs go everywhere. You will see hairs on your food, clothes, bed just everywhere. This makes a mess. No drugs seem to cure shedding. You cannot maintain a clean house with labs around. 

12. Labradors loves to play in the water 

Labradors love water, they have been bred for this quality. They have webbed toes which help them push more water when in the pool. 
Labradors love water

When they see water no matter how small it may be, maybe on the floor they will make a ness out of it. they will play with water in your home like a child. If you love them too much you will feel that Labradors are the best dog. 

13. They eat too much and become obese

Ask any labrador owner they will tell you, there is no limit to the quantity a labrador can eat. They eat more frequently. too much food with less exercise makes them obese. This, in turn, may lead to arthritis and heart problems. 

Labradors are the most affectionate dog breed., they want their owners to be happy. They make you forget all your worries when you return home. 


Why Labradors are the Best Dog?

Labradors are best known for their friendliness, stable temperament, fun-loving dog, and can be easily trained. Some people claim that they can mimic human smiles. 

Why Labradors are always Hungry?

scientists have found a gene called POMC gene found especially in labradors. This gene is responsible for their constant hunger. 

Are Labradors overrated? 

Labradors, as well as Golden retrievers, are overrated, reason? both these dogs are owned by the average person. 

Why Golden Retrievers are the worst Dog?

Some golden retrievers are mouthy dogs. They bite. besides, they are always hungry, destructive, and sheds a lot. They may bark incessantly for no obvious reason. 

Are chocolate Labs worse than Black?

Chocolate labs are known to be noisier and more excitable than black labs. As it is said black Labs are good, Yellow is acceptable and Chocolate Labradors are for Show benches only. 

Why are Labs so destructive?

Labradors are the worst Dog

Labradors are an active breed of dogs, when they are kept in close confinement or alone, they become destructive. They may destroy your sofa. take them to the dog park regularly and they shall never be destructive. 

What are the worst traits of a Labrador?

1. Labradors love to eat and easily become obese

2. They need lots of activity

3. They are too much friendly, they will lick your face too much

4. They become genuinely happy when you return home from work.

5. They shed so much that you can make a whole blanket out of it. 

Are Labs ever Aggressive?

Normally they are not unless there is a mummy labrador and her babies are threatened to be harmed. 

Are Labs unhealthy?

No, not at all. They are healthier than average dogs. They do have some unique problems such as Hip dysplasia.

are Labradors good for first-time dog owners?

Labradors are not good, they are the best dog for first-time dog owners. 


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