Why do Labradors love water? waterproof Dog!

As I take my newly adopted 5 months old labrador puppy to the countryside and when we are near the pool, our puppy wants to jump into the water. This is as if he has some natural affinity for water. 

Labrador Retriever Swimming

Labradors are natural swimmers because they have been bred to swim into water and retrieve fish for their owners. They owe their origin to Newfoundland. They are natural swimmers because of their anatomy- the webbed feet helping them paddle faster into the water, the water-resistant double coat, otter tail also helping them swim. 

modern-day labradors are not developed into fishing dogs, rather as hunting dogs. Early 1900s Labradors were seen to fetch downed waterfowl and smaller prey and they were prized for their ability to fetch. 

Breeders preferred to cultivate labradors' ability to run into shallow water. Even the double coat, webbed paws helped labradors to stay warm in the icy cold waters of Newfoundland. 

Labrador Retriever fetching in water

What makes labradors perfect swimmer

The body structures of labrador retrievers make them perfect swimmers. let's understand how!
What makes Labrador Retriever a good swimmer

Do all labs love water!

If you are wondering why your labrador loves water and do all other labs do the same! you are not alone.

Fear of unknown 

Not all labs love water. modern-day labradors living in condos with us are fearful of the unknown. 

modern-day Labradors are the most popular dog breed in the USA for the last 30 years in a row. These Labradors are more adapted to fetch a frisbee than a waterfowl. 

Even the rescued Labradors lack this ability as they were never exposed to water in their puppyhood. 

Breed Divergence

There are two distinct types of labradors. The English class and the American class. The American type of Labrador retriever is actually the working Labrador Retrievers. 

The American Bred labs are sportier and are tall and lanky. They are perfect swimmers. Their short-haired water-resistant double coat and tapered otter tail help in swimming. 

Fat English type Labrador Retriever

The English type labradors are also called show type labradors. They spend more time in the show ring than get dirty in a local pond. These dogs easily get obsessed when overfed. 

Labrador's swimming ability: Blessing or curse!

Modern-day labradors living in cities, in small places rarely have an opportunity to swim. Their webbed padded feet become to the seat of infection and therefore, they suffer from foot infections and pododermatitis


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