Best Dog Toys for Labradors to keep them happy

 Labradors are the most popular breed in the united states. Rightfully there are reasons for that. The dog is active, intelligent, and as they say, can understand the owner's feelings. 

Dog Toys for Labradors

Labrador retriever is an active breed, therefore, wants continuous engagement, in absence of that labradors become destructive, and may destroy your furniture, etc. 

It is better to provide them dog toys to keep them busy throughout the day, even when you are not with your dog. 

6 Best Dog Toys for Labs

These dog toys will keep them busy and happy throughout the day. 

1. Kong 

 This provides your dog the much-needed instinctive needs and provides mental stimulation. Kong also acts as FETCH TOYS . Kong is Vet recommended, great toy with stuffing and it is dishwasher safe. 

There are many variants of Kong. Kong Classic, Kong Puppy, Kong Extreme  , Kong Senior

2. Jolly Pet Soccer Ball.

 Soccer balls are the best dog toy for labradors to play with your labrador in the park. Jolly soccer balls are durable, don't lose shape even when punctured. Perfect for games of catch.

3. Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle

This is a Boredom buster interactive dog toy. Just like a puzzle for kids, this puzzle has levels - Eazy, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert. This encourages your dog's positive play habits. your dog will stay busy flipping, lifting, sliding to hide the treats all day long. 

Best purchase I’ve ever made on a dog toy. My 11-year-old 75lb lab mix loves it. He can solve it within a couple of minutes but it’s very stimulating to him. Even when it’s empty he will go over and play with it.

This product is durable but if you have a destructive dog, it might not last. That being said, my dog is rough on it and it’s held up well.

I use tiny trainer treats which allows me to give him the puzzle multiple times a day since he’s a large dog.

Don’t forget to put treats in the holes on the knobs. My dog figured out that if he slides the knob a couple of times, another treat magically appears.

Can’t wait to get him the level 3 version of this game. This is great for my dog since he has a heart condition that limits his walks and playtime. He could do this all day. This puzzle makes him super happy. Highly recommend it.

4. Jamesx Squeaky Rubber ball dog toys 

this squeaky and indestructible dog toy for labradors helps them to satisfy their instinctual needs and encourages natural hunt and play behavior. A squeaky dog toy is ideal to keep pets engaged for longer times.

 Jamesx squeaky dog toy is made up of durable natural rubber and is perfect for Labradors. This toy also helps in cleaning the teeth of your dog, reducing plaque buildup, and relieving gums. 

My two 1/2 labs love these and carry them around outside. They both have strong jaws and they can make them squeak. The toy is sturdy though and it isn't easy to squeak them so the noise isn't nerve-racking.
 That makes us all happy. The toys are a good size too- they are not long enough for the dogs to hold and chew like a long bone. Both dogs gave that a try and soon lost interest chewing on them. 
I got them with promotion and it was a very good value. At $8.99 it is still a good value and I will buy more like these little footballs - just not 2 of everything.

5. Nougat Squeaky Dog Chew Toys

Made from eco-friendly natural rubber this squeaky and tough dog toy can clean your dog's teeth, relieve anxiety, train, reduce boredom, and barking problems. 
This dog chew has an attractive milk flavor. The company provides a lifetime replacement service.

6. Pet Qwerks Alien Barkbone

Tastes like real beef stew - This chew satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew while it freshens up their breath, scrapes your dog's teeth, tightens the gums, and keeps your dog happy and occupied. 

I love this brand! I Randomly came across One of these bones in a pet store a few years ago and my dogs loved it so much, I’ve been a loyal customer since. I have a lab and a golden, both over 80 lbs and they love to chew! This brand is perfect for aggressive chewers. It keeps my dogs busy when my family and I eat meals or need to get housework done and there’s no mess. I never give my dogs anything unattended just in case an issue arises. The bones are kept in a toy box the dogs don’t have access to and they go nuts when I go over to take them out. It seems to help both dogs with anxiety/frustration/uneasiness during the Covid-19 drama as well. I’ll definitely be buying more in the near future to switch the flavors up!!


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