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Treated successfully- dog suffering from epileptic seizures

 Thanks to our highly qualified Veterinarian Dr Suranjan Sarkar - a beagle suffering from epileptic seizures for 3 days go cured . 

Here is a video of the same dog 

Know how to register your pet animal in Ranchi in 5 steps Step 1: Three passport-size photographs of the pet animal. The three photos required will be used for the licence, vaccination card and one photo is retained with the municipal health department. Step 2: Anti-rabies certificate from a registered veterinary practitioner is a must. Photostat copy of vaccination card should indicate full name of owner, address and cell/contact number, name of the doctor or organisation/clinic of doctor who vaccinated the animal(s). Step 3: Address proof of the owner and where the pet will live. A proper address is required for the licence, which will be issued in a maximum of six working days. It will be sent to the address mentioned while applying. Step 4: Registration charges of ₹500 are to be paid in advance (₹50 per year for a period of 10 years). It is important to re-register the pet every year at the ward office. Step 5: Licence for pet animals will be issued maximum within six working days after acceptance of proper documents and necessary fees applicable. Please note that the badge is not issued along with licence. The Pune Municipal Corporation has appealed to pet owners to register pets at the earliest. According to the data available, PMC has, to date, 2,000 Pets (mostly dogs) registered “We have uploaded the pet registration rules on the website and are in the process of allowing pet registration online to save time. Due to Covid, this process has been postponed.
Treated successfully- dog suffering from epileptic seizures Treated successfully- dog suffering from epileptic seizures Reviewed by Dr. Kumar on December 03, 2020 Rating: 5

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