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Dog De - Worming Facts!

Pet owners often get deworming wrong for their dogs and cats! Exactly how often to deworm and why? Here are some facts

Worming more often when your dog is young.

Dogs in their puppy stage tend to eat or lick soil when they are young. This is a part of their growing up. They explore the world around them with their tongue. They may lick ground, soil, mud, or simply grasses.

 All of these may have worm either from this pup himself or from other dogs carried by air. This is why we ask pet owners to worm their dogs more often.
When your dog is young it is better to use a liquid worming drug. The liquid syrup is tasty and easy to give. 
1 for puppies up to three-month age  every 15 days
2 Three months to six months age once in a month

Worming less when adult

Dogs or cats when they become adults they become more responsible. They lick less. Thus there is less need to do worming. This is when worming too much becomes a problem. Pet owners often complain their dogs eat less whenever a worming tablet is given to their dogs. This is because worming drugs suppresses the liver enzymes. The liver in its inhibited status does not function properly and suppresses the appetite center in the brain. This is why dogs and cats eat less whenever a worming drug is given. Vets often recommend Liver syrup along with worming drugs. 

For adult dogs worming once every 3-4 months is sufficient. 

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