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How likely is choking as a consequence of fast eating?

Question- How likely is choking in my dog as a consequence of fast eating? 

We just adopted a new pup, a beautiful-year-old black Belgian Malinois yesterday. I have never seen a dog eat so fast. I have watched & listened and I am not even hearing any crunching (we are feeding her Hills SD Giant breed; pretty large kibbles). I hear MAYBE one or two crunches per meal (I feed her twice a day). I have already taken to putting warm water in the food, and it does appear to slow the meal down a bit, but I'm still not seeing or hearing any crunching. Now the dog is obviously digesting the food. The stools are large, and there are no kibbles at all, in any of the samples she has so lovingly provided for us. She has not thrown up at all--so my concern is not that the food isn't being ingested.

OK, I have read here that dogs do not need to chew the food, in order to digest it. I get that, as hard as it is for me to see an animal not chew the food. For that reason, in this morning's trip to the pet store, I avoid buying a new food bowl, with ridges that force the dog to eat slower.

But having searched for this issue in threads in previous threads, another point was brought up--that of choking. She has not gagged at all. But of course, the sample size is small (3 or 4 meals).

So my question--is choking on food not a matter of if, but when? Should I still go out and get one of those slow-eat bowls that force the dog to eat one or two kibbles at a time? Is this anything I need to be concerned with? She has very high energy, is very affectionate. The only thing about her (obvious, we only got her yesterday) is that she looks a bit thin, but our dogs in the past have always put on mega pounds the first year after we adopt them, so this isn't a long term concern for me. I'm just worried about a potential choking hazard.

Answer - Your dog is eating well, digesting food in a normal manner. Have no history of bloating or regurgitation, therefore you do not need to worry. No need to buy slow bowls. You may do one thing " Divide the meal into three parts. Serve each part with a gap of one minute. This way dog will be encouraged to chew food.

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