Seizures in dogs

Winter comes and there are so many cases I see of seizures in dogs in my clinic. More so in small breed dogs such as pomeranian. These seizures when happening the dog becomes helpless and even the owner, don't know how to help. sometimes these seizures go on for hours and can be life-threatening.

How common are dog seizures

According to Fred Wininger, VMD, MS of University of Missouri seizure affects an estimated 1% of the pet dog population.

What causes seizures in dogs

Seizures are generally classified as structural, metabolic or idiopathic/heritable. Idiopathic epilepsy is by far the most common diagnosis. A dog's age is an important factor in determining the cause of the seizure. If the age of the dog having a seizure is between 1 and 6, there is an 80% percent chance of it being idiopathic epilepsy. We use the "idiopathic epilepsy" when the dog is otherwise normal between seizures and there are no identifiable causes. Identifiable causes of seizures are

Seizure dog breeds

Purebred dogs are more likely to have seizures than crossbred dogs. Males are more likely to suffer from seizures than females. Pomeranian dogs are known to have a seizure at least once in their lifetime. Pomeranian dogs are prone to suffer from idiopathic epilepsy.

Old dog seizure

Seizure in an old dog is common. they have it due to other health issues such as brain tumors, low blood sugar, kidney or liver disease, Cushing's disease. Therefore, you need to watch out for other symptoms. There will be symptoms of diabetes in the case of low blood glucose. we often get to see this, as we have the facility of sugar testing in our clinic. In the case of a brain tumor, there will be a problem with walking.

Dog seizure triggers

What triggers seizures in dogs? There are many internal and external stimulus that triggers a seizure in dogs. There are plenty of triggers in a dog's environment. Recent vaccination, food, dust, stress, intestinal worms, a sudden drop in environmental temperature are some of the common factors triggers seizure in dogs.

how to stop a dog from having a seizure!

it is really scary to see your dog having a seizure. You can help your seizure dog in a number of ways. Here are some


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