“Cargill’s World Mycotoxin Survey” in Poulltry

“Cargill’s World Mycotoxin Survey” in Poulltry.

1. As per the survey, India featured in Severe Risk Zone, where 40-50% of samples were found above risk level of aflatoxin, DON, Fumonisin, T2 & ZEN.

2.High humidity & improper storage condition could be factor for high mycotoxin infestation.

3. West Bengal (WB) is at extreme risk zone, where Aflatoxin & T2 contamination is more than 75% i.e. 81% & 69% respectively. 

4. Five  states are in same zone adding uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

5. 90% samples were infested with at least one mycotoxin.

6. 62% samples were infested with more than one mycotoxin, which amplify negative impact of individual mycotoxins.

7. Aflatoxin remains major concern (44% samples above threshold limits) for India followed by T-2 contamination (36% above threshold limits).

Dr V.Rajendra Prasad