is it good to give Parle G to a street dog!

Street dog i feed Parle G

There is a street dog, I have named her Nandini, waits for me almost blocking by way to home. Why? to get a Parle-G biscuit, I am feeding her since 2012. She is well and has given birth to so many pups almost every breeding season. Perhaps Street dogs are very hardy. 
There are several foods that are forbidden for dogs especially breed dogs that can be given to street dogs. In a nearby temple, there is a dog who is alive eating khhitchri prasad in a local temple every day. 
And there is this hawker who feeds fried puri or chhole bhature to some street dogs. These feeds are just unthinkable to give breed dogs. Perhaps they are following Darwin’s principle- Those dogs who can digest human food are the only ones around us. Therefore, there are nothing wrong with giving Parle- G biscuits to street dogs though I will advise limiting this treat to one or two a day.
Note- This question originally appeared on Quora. I answered the question there and received many upvotes. Read Dr Suranjan Sarkar's answer to Are Parle-G biscuits good for my street dog? on Quora


  1. I have Rottweiler Dog as pet dog. Can I feed Parle Glucose Biscuits. Hope fully I get reply


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