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How to take a dog's Temperature at home!

Why know the temperature of a dog!

Knowing the temperature is very important. this is the first sign to recognize whether your dog is sick or not!

steps to take a dog's temperature

Objects required

1. A Thermometer
2. An antiseptic solution
3. Cotton ball

First, take a little antiseptic solution in the cotton ball and then wipe it on the tip of the thermometer. then apply a little moisturizing lotion on the tip of thermometer and then insert the thermometer inside the rectum or anus of the dog. first insert straight then tilt the thermometer on the side so that the tip of thermometer touches the wall of the intestine. keep for two minutes or until the buzzer starts ringing. then see the temperature. 

finally a word of caution, A dog's normal temperature is 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but high temperature do not mean fever, it may be hyperthermia too, therefore, if you get a high temperature, keep your dog in a cool place for one hour and again take temperature. If still high rush to your nearest vet. 

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