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How do I get my puppy to stop biting me?

Every dog owners want their puppy to stop biting and mouthing so that they can pet them freely. If this habit is not stopped in puppy stage, then your dog grows to become mouthy one. Puppy biting is similar to their chewing habit.

Puppy Biting Reasons

Your dog is biting you for a reason, the reason is he is teething. he must be having tickling feeling in his gum while the teeth find the way out. Therefore, there is an urge to bite 'something' at this stage. There is another reason as well, dogs are descendants of wolves. Wolves learn to hunt and explore the world with their mouth. Puppies are constantly Tussing and nipping each other. This is why dog behavior resembles wolves than they do to us. These puppies will bite anything and everything as a part of their growing up and learning about the world around them.  

What you can do!

You can redirect this urge to bite 'something' to toys so that your dog does not get the habit of biting. redirecting to Bacon is also a good idea. So, give him some squeaky toys. I always recommend squeaky toys because dogs react to sound and not on the shapes of toys. Sometimes giving toys alone does not solve the problem. There are other things to reckon with. Your dog may be lacking proper exercise. Take him for a walk in the morning. A half an hour walk in the morning is an essential exercise.

How do you train a puppy not to Bite?

Here is another interesting video


Ignore the pup

You may jump with every bite, and leave him alone for 10 minutes or if you cannot leave him, you may just ignore him, but never heavy pet him after 10 minutes. I had advised many pet owners to react obnoxiously for his every bite and ignore him for 10 minutes. They sometimes come to my clinic, complaining"Doctor, This didn't work, the pup is biting more severely now than before". When I enquire, I learn that they do all sorts of pampering soon after ignoring him for 10 minutes. These pups start to like this reward after 10 minutes of silence. There are some other ways to stop nipping at your pups: One of my clients told me she massages the gums of her pup and maybe this reduces the pain or ticking sensation during teething and thereafter, in a span of few weeks, biting tendency was completely gone. And finally:

one word of advice - Never try to pat a strange dog or a pup. He may look friendly and cute. If you approach him he may bite you. these kinds of incidents have happened many times. You may approach a strange dog, if you understand the dogs' sign language, that is whether he is nervous, hungry or irritated due to some reason. With proper training and guidance, your dog behavior is more human-like. If you have benefited and learned how to stop puppy nipping, please share my article on social media else please write suggestions in the comment section.
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