Dog and cat vaccination schedule

There are many vaccination schedules that are followed by veterinarian worldwide. Among them, the following is a vaccination schedule that is most widely used by Merck's Veterinary manual, 11th Edition. veterinarian worldwide, Please click the links to know more about the topics.  This vaccination schedule follows the guidelines mentioned in Merck's Veterinary manual, 11th Edition.

Types of vaccine available in the market

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  1. Dear sir i have purchased a 4 weeks old German Shepherd puppy and I have no experience in dog caring My puppy is biting every thing and spreading bad smell also after bathing yesterday.
    Please guide me for diet vaccination and deworming
    I will be thankfull .

  2. Please visit my clinic at Hinoo, Ranchi or any other nearest clinic

  3. Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!


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