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10 points you wish to know to take care your puppy!

Every now and then we see many first-time pet keepers in my pet clinic in hinoo, Ranchi.
These new pet owners face many challenges and sometimes face disappointment. Unable to know what to do when any problem arises. some pet owners are too harassed because they cannot do proper toilet training to their dogs and eventually they abandon their dogs.

There are many Dos and Don'ts any dog owner should know.

1. Never bath your puppy-
Don't bathe your puppy soon after bringing your puppy home. This is a mistake committed by many pet owners , they do it just because their dogs are smelly. This smell can be because they are brought to home from some dirty kennel. Whatever the reason don't bathe your pup at so young age. This will bring their temperature below normal (hypothermia) and they will succumb to death.
2. Never feed milk to your pup
Many dog owners think their dogs as human babies and start treating them as such. While milk may be good and well-tolerated for some dogs, but there are other dogs who are lactose intolerant.
These pups will start having diarrhea as soon as start feeding milk, Therefore, be very careful and avoid giving milk. There are many lactose-free milk powders available for pups in the market, you may start giving them instead. Some of those are Ventripro, Tomilac.

3. Don't force him to play too much
Young pups spend the day by sleeping. If you have kids in the house, they will try to play with him too much. This will cause unnecessary stress. Let your pup sleep whenever he wants to.
4. Don't let your pup chew inedible objects
Young dogs cannot differentiate between edible and inedible objects. Sometimes they ingest nails or sharp pointed objects, glass and this becomes life-threatening. Please prevent your pup doing these.
5. Don't leave food available for all the time
Pups may either refuse to eat or may eat too much and become obese. Serve the food on time and remove after half an hour.
6. Don't let your puppy go outside until all the vaccination has been done
This is more true in case of India. There are lots of stray unvaccinated dogs roaming in streets of India. There are lots of virus and disease in those stray dogs, therefore if you take your dog outside there is good chance your dog will get those disease.
7. Never encourage your pup to chew your hand or any body part.
Many pet owners mistakenly do this and have fun to see their pup to suck their hands. Later , when the dog grow old this become a very serious problem and they learn to bite. Please avoid this.
8. Never punish your pup when they are nervous
Some dog owners beat or abuse their pups when they do not do something according to their desire. Never ever beat them.
9. Never leave your pup unattended for long time.
I have seen incidence when a pup swallowed long sock and became sick. The pup died vomiting and being unable to eat. When post mortem was done this sock came out. The owner had no idea how did this got into their dog. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye on your pup until they are at least 6 months old.
10. Never be late to take your pup to vet
Puppies have very weak immune system. Never delay in taking your sick puppy to vet.
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