Which breed of dog smells better!!

Dog owners often complain about body odor. Therefore they ask me about the breed having less body odor. It is the food you give attribute to body odor and has for nothing to do with breeds.

Body odor depends upon individual dog than on breed.

Many pet owners assume waterdogs such as Newfoundland, poodle, Portuguese water dog, Irish spaniel, Labrador retriever, English setters tend to smell because of their undercoat, which picks up dirt and debris.

water dog breed Waterdog!!
However, in reality, we have a flat coated retriever that is the most pleasant smelling dog we've ever owned! In fact one can put her nose right into her fur and all the smell, ever, is a mild chalky scent. On the other hand, she spends 99% of her time indoors. Maybe if she were more of an outdoor dog she wouldn't smell as nice.
I owned a German shepherd dog once who also smelled nice; again, though, he didn't go outside much. But we also had a pit bull who didn't go out much, and he stunk to high heaven. Everything he touched, such as the blanket he used for a bed, picked up the smell. It was truly bad. The only thing I can guess is that he secreted something from his skin that the other dogs didn't (he also had very short hair, by the way). You could smell-test any dog you're thinking of adopting before you decide to bring it home. This probably isn't foolproof, especially with puppies (their smell does tend to change) or those just given a bath. But if this is a concern, I would pass on any dog that appeared clean but that still smelled bad. It probably won't get any better!
in my experience of 20 years of treating dogs (and cats) and other pets, it is the food you give them, not so much a "body odor" per se'. Cheaper feeds use more corn and other grains, this ferment, which created gas.
I have written another article on how carbohydrate-rich diet helps grow yeast in the body and that in turn give rise to bad body odor.  Other than this, there are other environmental concerns. Do they roll around in filth? Get baths regularly?

Actually bathing too much tends to raise body odor. If you bath too much your dogs the epidermal layer of skin containing wax will get depleted and become house to fungus, giving bad body smell.

Food to prevent body odor

Back to food, A good diet with essential fatty acids like Omega 3, and 6. Their coats are smooth and shiny, people say that "she's just been groomed" they are surprised when I tell them the truth.
I have so far successfully cured bad body odor of Black, Yellow, Mutts of the Heinz 57 Variety, Schipperke Corgi mix, Doxie mix, A Catahoula Leopard Dog most were rescues except for the Doxie mix. I have done this by formulating a special diet. Their menu being chicken, rice, split peas and carrots cooked in a pressure.
There is much food available in Amazon which cures body odor. These are mostly Yucca schidigera containing food. Several studies have been conducted in both dogs and cats and it was found that Yucca ingestion generally improves the character and intensity of canine and feline aroma.
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There is Royal canin food containing this ingredient.

To conclude, just find Yucca in your dog's kebble and get rid of bad body odor.

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