Zamp bloodline German Shepherd

Zamp line German Shepherd Puppy at Patna

Zamp line of GSD puppy – Introduction

Zamp line or Zamp von Thermodos is a particular bloodline of German Shepherds having very distinct character.

    • Big, strong, high withers, harmonious over the line, very good croup in length and layer,
    • very good angulation of the pre- and hind angulation,
    • balanced proportioned brisket, correct front.
    • Straight gaiting, shows powerful gait with much space creating. Safe nature


Now this West German bloodline of GSD is looking for new home in Patna 

For bringing this beautiful puppy to your home, please  TAP HERE

Disclaimer: We are no way involved in adoption or selling dogs. We have a pet clinic in Ranchi. We treat and vaccinate dogs and cats. If you may please come to our Clinic to get your pet treated. 

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