Client of Pluto Pet Clinic, Ranchi-Mr B Sudhir, Ghato

Advise for mange in dog of Mr B Sudhir , Ghato

Advice for Lucas- suffering from Mange


  I understand you are located at a distance to Ranchi. Saw the photograph you sent me on whatsapp.

Dog suffering from Mange

Dog suffering from Mange You have said that your dog – Lucas is having these red patches, hair fall and severe itching. Additionally, You are already giving neomec but without any effect.

I can only guess that Lucas is suffering from Sarcoptic mange.

Therefore, I advise you based on history and photograph you sent. Please understand one thing mange is problems in immune system makes your dog more vulnerable to mange. probably this is why Lucas is having this problem recurrently.

In an ideal environment, I would have done the skin scraping test to confirm mange, but that is not possible in your case.


  1. Change food to royal Canin for golden retriever
  2. Neomec as advised
  3. Curabless as advised
  4. Bath with above shampoo twice in a week
  5. Spray as shown above twice in a week. Give more spray in affected areas

In case you have any questions or doubts you are free to call me anytime on my number 9934177145

A word of Caution

Finally, a word of caution. Humans who come in contact with a dog suffering from mange may develop a purple rash on their arms, armpit, chest or abdomen. This will typically clear up once the dog with has been properly is recommended you limit contact with the dog. 


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