Abhiraj Kennel, Ranchi

ARK-Top Dog Seller of Ranchi

Magician turned dog breeder

ARK or Abhiraj Kennel, located in Hatia, Ranchi is one of the top dog sellers of Ranchi. Earlier Mr S Kumar- the owner of the kennel was a magician, later he turned into a dog breeder.

A dog seller with a difference. Mr Kumar sells dogs so cheap that nobody else in Ranchi or Jharkhand can provide.Has a track record of ten years. He along with his son Mr Abhiraj also provides knowledge and veterinary support to sold dogs. Therefore, good after-sales services.

Every pet owners of Ranchi trust him because he provides dogs of genuine breeds. If the dog is a cross, he informs that to his customer. Probably, the only dog seller of Ranchi who provides adult dogs too. So, if anyone needs an adult dog from a breeder, they can buy from him.

He also rehabilitates many dogs who had been abandoned by their original pet owners. Kennel has many such dogs on his premises.

A Saint Bernard, a Great Dane and many other breeding stocks. If you want some breed dog or any pet of rare variety, just ask him, he gets them through his worldwide network of breeders.

Here are some pictures of ARK, Click on the photos to see the full picture.

His address

Abhiraj kennel,

Near Sunday market Road Lower Hatia, Ranchi

Mobile number 9470986228

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