Top 5 panipuri seller of Ranchi

Street food is the best food

गोलगप्पा, पानीपुरी, फोकचा, फुचका, – ये नाम सुनकर ही मुह में पानी आ जाता है। चूंकि मैं चाट , गोलगप्पे, भेलपूरी, का विशेष शौकीन हु, इसलिए मेरे ब्लॉग में भी इन चटखारे चीजो की चर्चा कर रहा हू। फिलहाल गोलगप्पा- ये रांची के कुछ गुमनाम जगहों में मिलते है, जिसे सिर्फ जानने वाले ही जानते हैं, यदि आप रांची में नए हैं तो आपको पता भी मालूम नही होगा।माना कि आजकल रेस्टॉरेंट में भी गोलगप्पे मिलते है, लेकिन वो बात कहां।

  1. In Rangrej gali, upper bazar. – yes, this is the top one. Sometimes shifting due to fear of administration. But you will find easily. People just hang around him like मधुमक्खी। beside golgappe, chat is also good here. In day and evening.
  • In front of sping city mall, hinoo- recently this has become very popular. This guy gives golgappe to 12 people in row. Worth trying.
  • Kadru, opposite Indian Bank, in front of Chhavi medical- dahi golgappa here is very good. In evening only
  • In front of ved textile, main road- always shifting or changing place nearby. In evening only.
  • Near Hinoo united school, saket nagar, hinoo- here the phokcha is very very spicy and hot. Eat it to believe it.
  • In front of reliance mar, kanke road. Some people like it here, though not my favourite.

In case you know someone better and I do not know, please share with me by writing in the comment section. I will add the name.

Well! just by writing about Golgappa, i get tempted to eat some. I am going to Kadru to eat Golgappa. It is near to Samriddi Pet Clinic too.