Tips to care a pug

Pug is one of the popular breed of dog in India and all over the world. it has its own set of problems. being a brachycephalic( a short and wide head) dog with bulging eyes, every now and then it gets hurt in eyes. its numerous fold in the mouth is also a problem. Here are some unique problems from which brachycephalic breeds such as pugs suffer.

Pug with its set of problems

1.Brachycephalic airway syndrome – 

The first sign is seen as troubled breathing, which sometimes is relieved by open mouth breathing. This can be due to obstruction in nares or in the larynx. Sometimes this happens just because the external nares or outer nose becomes too narrow to breathe. 

Treatment- This condition is treated by giving oxygen therapy or nebulization. If the cause is narrow nares this condition is surgically treated.



2. Exercise intolerance leading to obesity

  1. Diabetes


Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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