Tips on kissing your pets on International kissing day

Today is international kissing day. Here are the tips to kiss your pets. And if your pet kisses you back you are lucky.

1. Before you kiss a dog, or let a dog kiss your face.

2.Some dogs may not like you to put your face close to theirs.

3.A dog who doesn’t want to be kissed will show his stress by leaning away, looking away, pursing and licking his lips.

4. Kissing your dog should be very quick.

5.French kissing your dog has many benefits.

Here is what science says about benefits of dog saliva

The belief in the curative power of a dog’s lick dates back to ancient Egypt and has persisted through time.

In modern France a medical saying translates to “A Dog’s Tongue is a doctor’s tongue.” Recent research has identified products in saliva that indeed aid in healing.


Researchers in the Netherlands identified a chemical in pet saliva called histatins. Histatins speed wound healing by promoting the spread and migration of new skin cells.

Dr. Nigel Benjamin of the London School of medicine has shown that when saliva contacts skin it creates nitric oxide. Nitric oxide inhibits bacterial growth and protects wounds from infection.
Researchers at the University of Florida isolated a protein in saliva called Nerve Growth Factor that halves the time for wound healing

Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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