Tips to choose a dog breeder

Last month one of our valued client Mr Jack Andrew gave us a call that he is unable to sleep or even take rest. His four-year-old Labrador retriever- Julie has given birth to eight cute adorable puppies. They are crying for food even in the middle of the night.

I was told further that she ran outside the gate and have mated with a local street dog. All the pups are the mixed breed.

He whined “doctor, doctor please do something, please donate these pups to someone. I contacted many potential pet owners and as expected nobody wanted to adopt a mixed breed pup.

Jack was getting unnerved so he advertised in many national levels classified under dog breeder section.

When dog buyers came to visit the pups he pretended that he is an experienced dog breeder and convinced them that they were pure bred Labrador pups. Soon, all the pups were sold and Jack sighed a deep breath of relief. 

So, we call Jack an accidental breeder. Then there are some who just put two dogs together and sell their babies and like themselves to be called the breeder.

And finally there are some people who have never bred a dog ever, they just procure pups from other breeders and trade them for money.

By the name Dog breeder first thing which comes to our mind is a person who is highly knowledgeable about dogs, owns high-quality pedigree dogs, plans each mating meticulously to produce excellent quality pups. In reality, they are the people who sell dogs for making a living. If you are living in third world countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka these so-called breeders even pose as a veterinarian and treat or vaccinate the dogs. There are many laws to prevent this breeder from treating or vaccinating the dogs but all fails because it is the dog owners who approach them.

Some of these “Breeders” go another step forward, they collect abandoned adult dogs and sell them at a premium.

So, the question arises “How to find a good dog breeder”?

The breeder you meet should have following qualities

  1. He should have knowledge of diseases which runs in dog’s family such as Night blindness, Hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases. A breeder should not breed a dog containing all these genetic disorders.
  2. Breeders should have a certificate from AKC or KCI or other authorised apex canine clubs of a country. He should have Kennel Club of India accreditation certificate or AKC enlisted breeders . He may have an authorization if he is not having any certificate. He should have knowledge of the code of ethics.
  3. It is desirable that breeder be able to take return the dog if the owner at any point of dog’s life decide to not to keep or some situation comes that owner is not being able to keep the dog.
  4. Breeder should have had vaccinated the pup by by qualified veterinarian and not by himself.

Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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