NEW York subway fall accidents

Should you worry of falling in subway tracks in New York

How likely

Every subway rider’s worst fears were reignited over the weekend when on Friday  Bonnie Currie- a 61-year-old woman was groped from behind was pushed off a platform onto the tracks by a complete stranger.

It happened on the uptown platform of the F and M train station at West 14th Street and Sixth Avenue around 4:20 a.m. Friday.
This happened in may 2017

New york subway accident fear
Subway accident NY

The act was random, rare, and completely unprompted — which is precisely why it’s so terrifying. But just how likely is it that you’ll get pushed onto the subway tracks by a complete stranger?

According to the New York Times, this weekend’s death was the first time since late 2012 that a subway rider was purposefully pushed in front of a train by another. 

What MTA says

Meanwhile, the MTA says that there are approximately 1.71 billion subway rides per year.

This is not all. In August 2008, Eric Davis, then 20, fell eight feet down into a subway service area after the grate above it collapsed.  He recovered from injuries that were serious enough to send him to the hospital for a few days.

Considering that there are nearly 9.1 million people in New York City every weekday, and only one of them falls through a grate every 20 months or so, based on city, MTA, Con Ed and residents’ data, the occurrence of a fall through a grate is very low.

To put it another way, “The odds of me getting hit by that car are greater,”

Still, people worry about falling in.

Are we mad!

“There is a prehistoric, innate mechanism,” psychologist and anxiety disorder specialist Melissa Horowitz, PsyD., said.  “It’s a mechanism of protection in the face of danger… a fight or flight response,” said Horowitz.
Accidents are happening more often

in the latest incident, a man jumped onto the tracks at the Eighth Avenue station in Sunset Park on 21st September 2017. Jumped really? or Pushed or fell? We won’t ever know the truth because the man is too much injured to talk.

What if the fear of New York subway fall is real!!


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