product available to stop poop eating in dogs

What are the vet recommended products available to stop poop eating in dogs!!

This has become the most asked question in my clinic. Which product available to stop poop eating in dogs? To solve this issue lets first understand why it is happening?

Which dogs are most affected?

Although almost all dogs are affected by this habit, it affects most to Labradors, German Shepherd and Doberman. This is mostly seen in dogs growing stage that is when they are a puppy. Sometimes, it affects the mother dog too, but a little rare. Those dogs who get less meat on their food and has to live on comparatively vegetarian diet are the most habitual to this problem. 

Why does it happen?

If the dog is disease free and it is a pup, this happens because the pup fails to recognize food and poop. These young pups have a very strong sense of smell, therefore when they poop out a piece of chicken or meat they grab it. Worthwhile to mention that dogs have a short intestine and their food has to go through a process of less fermentation than human, this is the reason they poop out soon after eating.Pup eats its own poop In fact, poo eating or coprophagia is a normal behavior in the wild.  There is some scientist who believes, that dog gets the vitamins produced in small intestine through poop eating behavior. The mother dog eats poo to keep their babies clean.

The human factor

Poo eating may be normal to your dog but it appears obnoxious to human parent. Some dog owners rehome or even euthanize failing to stop poop eating behavior.

What can be done

If the dog is an elderly, a thorough examination by a vet is recommended. In case of growing pups, there are certain that can be taken to resolve this issue.

1.Spraying or dusting something offensive in the poo immediately after the dog poops. Well, this is easier said than done. They are sometimes faster than you! Still worth a try. A pepper powder or chili powder or Habanero sauce will do the job. Don’t use pepper sprays as it contains harmful aerosols.

2.Use Adolph’s meat tenderizer or “Forbid” This is a special food supplement, they are supposed to give the dog’s stool a bitter flavor when fed to them.

3. Remove the poop as soon as it comes out. Probably you already are doing it all the time with poop scooper.

4. Change diet– Change to a more meaty diet, This has helped in some cases. meaty food takes a longer time to digest and dog is hungry less frequently.

5. Give Biotin supplements. This is writers personal experience. Biotin one capsule of 1000 mcg has helped poo eating effectively. This may be given along with other vitamins as well.

These are some of the effective ways to stop poo eating in dogs. These products available to stop poop eating in dogs

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