Read This!! Before you buy a Dog!

           Pet parenting Are you ready to take responsibility!!

There is a very common situation in Asia. People get dogs or cats for their home. Later they realize that it is too expensive for them to maintain a dog or cat. They find themselves unable to bear the high cost of dog vaccination, food and pet services. Some of these people abandon their pets at this level, while others start neglecting their pets.

Due to such neglect, improper dog vaccination and pet parenting without love dogs die an untimely, cruel death. Therefore read this article thoroughly, click-through the links before buying a dog.

They take help of a dog breeder who provides them with an easy solution– Cheaper vaccines (spurious and without cold chain), Moreover, they start feeding their pet human food, skip scheduled vaccination doses and therefore the pet succumbs a cruel and untimely death. 1.Cheaper vaccines (spurious and without cold chain). Moreover, they start feeding their pet human food. Skip scheduled vaccination doses and therefore the pet succumbs a cruel and untimely death.

2. Some breeders provide cheaper dog boarding facilities in exchange for letting their male dogs to be mated with breeder’s female dogs.

Why this article?

The author has seen many such dogs in his practice. The pet owners keep these neglected dogs tied in a corner. Feeding human leftover food. He had tried to raise awareness through his articles among potential pet owners. It is a huge responsibility to own a pet. All these aspects should be considered beforehand. This way many dog’s lives can be saved from dying an untimely and cruel death.

  Most often I get to hear a phrase” Doctor, We are keeping dogs for generations. We never vaccinated our dogs except for rabies. Nor have we fed our dogs any commercial food. We did not face any problems ever. you are telling about these costly vaccines, balanced food etc, Why??”   My answers to these people are – Earlier dog used to live 4 or 5 years max, now things have changed. we want our pooches to live the full life. So, a proper vaccination as per schedule is important. Unless a proper vaccination is done there shall more untimely death due to diseases. I have an article about a sad case of canine distemper.

भारत में कुत्ते पालने वाले अधिकतर लोग पशुचिकित्सक से अपने पालतू पशुओं का इलाज़ अथवा टीकाकरण करवाने के बजाए डॉग ब्रीडर अथवा झोला छाप डॉक्टर से करवाना पसंद करते है क्योंकि वे सस्ते दर पर रद्दी टीका देते है। खराब टीका दिए जाने के कारण कुत्तो का असमय ही मृत्यु हो जाती है।

Therefore i advise every potential pet owners to read articles in this websites and then decide about getting a dog.

Small animal veterinarian for last 20 years. works in self-owned pet clinic in Ranchi, India called Pluto Pet Clinic. Published several articles on pets and social media in various national and international pet magazines, blogs. Part of many international organisations including Nabuur, Mission Rabies, Asian Society of small animal dermatology, WSAVA.

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