toys to prevent puppy biting

Puppy biting solution !

Puppy biting

Tired of your puppy biting you? This will become a big problem after your pup grows into an adult. So, why not stop it now. here are tips how to do it.

  1. Every time your pup bites you make a sound of pain such “Ouch”. As your pup hear this sound of pain he will reduce a degree of bite. Therefore, it is a good idea to resist every time.
  2. Redirect the bite of your pup to chew toys and squeaky toys. Though there are lots of such toys available in the market, I have put some toys list below which have been found useful.

Please watch this video carefully to learn more about how to prevent your dog from biting you.

Finally, If your problem is not solved even after using these products you are welcome to contact us.

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Toys to prevent puppy biting you

Toys to prevent puppy biting you

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