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Powers of goddess Kali!


I have written this article based on my personal experience. Mentioned some events based on my belief, without any scientific proof. Just in case you want a rational explanation of my belief in occultism, my request is – Please don’t read any further and leave this page. 

A little background

Just after passing out my veterinary graduation, in the days of my unemployment and bewilderment about my future I came across an Astrologer in Patna. His name was Pt Arun Kumar Mukherjee. He was very popular at that time. Most of the prophecies he did for the person who sought his help used to come one hundred percent true. He was a professional astrologer. 

   Like many others, I too visit Pt Mukherjee and asked about my future with a young(25 yrs that time) sceptical mind. He advised me to visit him again after submitting the application for the job or just before the interview.  About 6 months later there was a job opening with the government for a veterinary officer. I filled the forms and started preparing for an interview. there were 90 seats with 900 applicants for the post. Pt Mukherjee. He studied me, chanted some mantra touching my head and told me to come after the interview. The interview went well, I again went to visit him and this time he said that I will surely pass, which I did. I thought with my sceptical mind that he just boosted me psychologically.

Miracle !

I kept visiting the astrologer even after getting the job. I disapproved him that he did no miracle by chanting mantra on me. As I used to visit him on weekends to see people coming to him for help. Gradually I was convinced that not everything is coincidental, there is some supernatural power in him.

I remember an incident, though a very sad one, a middle-aged couple had come to visit him- Mr and Mrs Sharma. Mr Sharma was a government officer was keeping quiet, his wife was very joyful, she did all the talking. She told Pt Mukherjee that her husband has been made a victim of a conspiracy in his office. They are going through a rough time. So, she asked for some remedy, but instead of giving any remedy Pt Mukherjee told the lady that she is going to die soon!! Later on, after about three months I met Mr Sharma in a social gathering and came to know that his wife had died of a heart attack!

There are many other instances. writing about them will only make this article long.


Astrologer Mukherjee had two black Doberman dogs. He told me that since he is a worshipper of Kali- the Goddess who gives him special power, these dogs serve as a good medium for spirits.


Kali- Perhaps the most misunderstood or less understood goddess in Hindu. In movies of India, it is customary to depict Kali as a demon or synonymous with human sacrifice. a few years back a controversy was raged in news with famous painter M F Hussain painting as a weapon-wielding deity.As I searched the internet I found a wiki page with very short description.

There is an essay by David Fawley in which he says about Goddess Kali “Kali is the primary Goddess of Yoga, the background Yoga Shakti, the power of Yoga or Kriya Shakti. She is the power that takes our energy within, which causes us to seek the eternal and lose interest in the ordinary outer affairs of life. She is the electrical stirring of the soul to Divinity. She is the voice of God reverberating within us and the will of God as it works through us, when we let our little self or ego fade into the background. Kali is the power of the great current of awareness. She is also the power that allows the mind to concentrate.”

There is very less content available on Goddess Kali and has been placed with bad force or black magic. As per ancient Indian scripture Goddess, Kali gives power to her devotees to be used for good purpose only. I searched over the internet in the Bengali language.  Bengali people are more inclined towards kali, but what I found is mostly jokes. There used to be a saint in Bengal – Ram Krishna Paramhansa – a prominent religious figure of the nineteenth century was the worshiper of Goddess Kali. He got power from Goddess Kali to heal people. 

This leaves me a great option to tell many aspects of mystic India. To know many interesting articles on mystic occultism of India follow my blog. I made this website primarily for pet owners but now I am writing about the things that attract me. Getting another site and hosting is too expensive. 


Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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