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My Dog having seizure! How can i help!

We know that almost all dogs have a seizure at least once, in their lifetime, it may go unnoticed. Sometimes it is just a twitch of muscles, sometimes it is seizure costing the life of poor fellow. I receive calls in the middle of the night from pet parents that their dog is having a seizure, everybody in a house is panicky. Sometimes it is not possible to get immediate veterinary help. Here are some of the things you should know to help a dog having seizure. We won’t dug deep into the subject, just concentrate on the tips to help your dog.

What you can do to help a dog having seizure

  1. Don’t panic- As I have told in many of my articles that dogs catch our emotions fast, therefore if you become nervous they will become ten times nervous and their illness becomes enhanced. 
  2. Don’t move your dog- Try not moving your dog having a seizure. do not lift him up. If he is in a dangerous place or in a close place where he is likely to hurt himself, hold him by his hind leg and just drag him to a safer place. I have heard from pet parents that a dog has bitten them very badly while he was having a seizure. Probably because they cannot control their body or maybe because they want help.
  3. Try to put some blanket or pillows around your dog, but be CAREFUL. 
  4. He may defecate or urinate uncontrollably, Therefore put some old newspaper underneath your dog.

Emergency or not

If your dog’s seizure lasts for less than 5 minutes it is not an emergency. If it is more than 5 minutes, then the poor guy may have damage to the brain and it is an EMERGENCY. Rush to a vet immediately.

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Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

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