Introduce the new puppy to your dog

How to introduce the new puppy to your dog easily and effectively!!

Getting a second dog sounds great. They may blend along together nicely.  It all depends upon taking correct steps to introduce the new puppy to your dog. You have to set some house rule to let them accept each other.

Steps to introduce the new puppy to your dog!

After adopting the new dog keep both dogs separate. Dogs fight for territory. Therefore, introduce both dogs in a neutral territory. This may be somewhere outside your house. You will have to take the old dog outside his or her territory and then make him meet his new friend. Let them do the initial sniffing. If you see there is scruffs or growls, correct them or warn them, don’t let it escalate and end up in a dogfight.

Take both the dog for a walk. This helps in many ways. When you walk your dog, they form packs, you become the alpha. They will learn things when on the walk and accommodate each other during the walk. 

Within a week or two, both dogs will give room to each other and be rolling side by side.introduce the new puppy to your dog

Sometimes, the younger puppy teases the older dog by biting him. Redirect this bite with a bacon dog treats. The new dog should learn the house rules. 

When things go wrong!

Things can and do go wrong. The dogs can snap at each other. No, matter what measures you take, they end up fighting each other. This happens when your leadership is weak and you are the leader of the pack. If you step up, take charge and be assertive, both dogs back down, become a calm and submissive follower. Conversely, if you are weak, dogs will fight it out to establish who is the leader. If you are not being able to establish your leadership among the dogs, contact a dog trainer and get yourself trained. We have another article on that-Dog Etiquette Starts with a fully trained owner.

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