Signs of heat stress in dogs

How to recognize signs of heat stress in dogs and cats!

Come summer and your dog has another set of problems. This ranges from an allergy, itching, hair fall, and heat stress in dogs and cats. Many dogs living in air-conditioned environment get heat stress. Sometimes, the pet owners fail to recognize signs of heat and the pet become severely sick. Heat stress affects cats as well. Therefore, it is essential to recognize signs of heat stress in dogs and cats.

Why recognize signs of heat stress in dogs!

There is a thin line between heat stress, hyperthermia and heat stroke. Hyperthermia is when the body temperature rises, but the body may still be trying to adjust to the increased temperature. Heat stroke is when the body gives up and the animal is in shock. Therefore, if we recognize early the signs of heat stroke we can take measures to control heat stress. This way you may not need to take your pet to the vet and lots of lives and vet bills can be saved.

Signs of heat stress in dogs and cats

Cats are less prone to heat stress than dogs. 

  1. Panting(both cats and dogs)
  2. Excercise intolerance- Your dog in heat stress may refuse to walk 6 blocks. She may sit down adamant to move. 
  3. Excessive drooling
  4. Less urine or no urine and if there is urine it is very turbid and bad smelling
  5. Changes in gait or wobbly gait
  6. Vomiting(sometimes)
  7. Refusing to eat
  8. Behaving unnaturally. Your dog may behave weirdly than he normally does.
  9. Tongue is swollen, dark and hanging outside mouth

As has been told earlier there is a very thin line between heat stress and heat stroke. Therefore, If above signs goes unnoticed, the dog enters the phase of hypothermia or heat stroke. Some of those serious signs are

  1. Gums become reddened
  2. dehydration
  3. increased body temperature
  4. rapid heart rate
  5. Black tarry stool
  6. Irregular heart beam
  7. may become unconscious
  8. Seizure and muscle tremors
  9. Shock

There, to prevent your dog going to the stage of shock, it is utmost important to recognize the signs of stress in dogs and cats.

Finally, If you see signs of heat stress in dogs or cat read here to keep your pet cool in summer.

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