How to choose right dog food

how to choose the right dog food!

Right Dog food

Every dog food company on earth claims their food as best. Therefore a natural question how to know which dog food company is best for my dog. To know how to choose right dog food certain points have to be considered. Here are those points

1.AAFCO Standard

AAFCO is a voluntary organization and stands for Association of American feed control officials. This organisation is comprised largely of regulatory officials and is accountable for enforcing their state’s laws and regulations concerning the safety of animal feeds.

This should fall under the auspices of the FDA but according to the FDA “AAFCO is vital to the continued regulation of pet food products.  FDA has limited enforcement resources that are focused on human food safety issues.”

Therefore, AAFCO is the only international organization working towards the safety of pet food.  AAFCO advisors and committee members include representatives from major feed manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Some of these company representatives are from Nestle Purina, Hills Pet Nutrition, Nutro Products and Cargill Animal Nutrition. Consequently, food manufacturers all over the world claim that their food maintains the AAFCO standard. 

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2. By looking at your dog stools

Your dog stools should be firm. Sometimes feed do cause loose stool. While there are a number of things that could be the source of your pup’s poop issues. The dog is not able to digest the dog food and she will poop loose. Better to avoid such food.

The best dog food is one that is grain-free and without any extra ingredients or preservatives. Sometimes, soft stools are actually a slight allergic reaction. Therefore, if you see your dog’s poop has abnormal color or some smell on the very first day of feeding a food, dump that food, no matter how good the company name is. 

3. Ingredients

Ingredients are listed by weight, so you want to see a lot of top quality animal protein at the top of the list. Cats and dogs are carnivores – they thrive on a diet based on meat. Additionally, they have no evolved need for carbohydrates. Sometimes pet food company fool pet owners as having pumpkin and another type of carbohydrate. why do they do it?  Grains (carbs) are added to pet food because

1) they’re cheaper than meat, and

2) they hold the kibbled bits together. They aren’t added for the sake of proper nutrition for your meat-eating pet.

Avoid pumpkin in dog food
                          Dog food containing pumpkin

Other ingredients should be vegetables (avoid corn, wheat or beep pulp) and unless the formula is grain-free, a whole grain source like brown rice.


4. The packet should clearly mention which animal protein

The source and quality of protein in the formula are crucially important for your pet’s health. Look for whole food sources at the very top of the ingredient list like ‘beef,’ ‘turkey,’ ‘lamb’ or ‘chicken’ — one-word descriptions. If a food mentions “protein 80 percent”- avoid it, sources of protein should be mentioned clearly.

Meat and fat ingredients should be identified by species (turkey, lamb, beef, fish, etc.). Thereforte, avoid any formula that uses unidentified sources, described non-specifically as ‘meat,’ ‘animal’ or ‘poultry.’

How to choose roght dog food
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5. Carcinogenic preservatives

As mentioned in point 2, avoid pet foods containing artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, especially those known to be carcinogens. In dog food, these usually go by the names BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin and propyl gallate. These are the food additives that are known to cause cancer to your pets.

There are other issues as well concerning dog food, such as hormonal additives, raw food, and home food. We will discuss those later. Keep reading my articles.

Feed your dog Raw


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