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Honda Hornet – most balanced bike

Today I am going to tell about the bike I ride- Honda hornet 160R. This is the most balanced bike i have ridden. ideal for city ride. It is a little bumpy in rural areas as the suspension is a bit hard. In the city it is the king of the road, I have found it very balanced. Today I have completed one year of owning this bike. In city road if you ride 100km/hr speed, and you have to apply sudden breaks, you won’t fall, the bike absorbs the shock totally. I have felt this is the best bike I ever had, so I want to tell you some hidden facts about this bike.


Honda hornet

Some hidden facts

Honda Hornet

Some points

  1. This is the fastest bike in 150cc segment to reach 0-100km. And especially it has combi brake that is very efficient and performing properly all the time while riding. And the best part about this bike is fuel economy and mileage is the best in 150cc bikes.
  2. It has a 12 ltr fuel tank including a 1.7 ltr reserve. I have been getting a mileage of 42-45 which is great. The overall look of the bike is just great. It feels like a mean and muscular bike. The display has many features except gear indicator and other few, which is fine.
  3. The pickup of the bike is very linear and will give you a mature feeling it lacks the bite, like the FZ or gixxer, but the mid-range of the bike is very smooth with very less vibration, but take it above 100 some kind of a strange noise use to come from the engine seen in all hornets.
  4. The handling is good, cornering in this bike is quite fun, it is very stable at corners. The gearbox isn’t smooth like the Yamaha’s but it does the work properly after 2nd gear upshifts, 

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Honda Hornet 160R

Honda Hornet 160R







Fuel efficiency





  • sporty look
  • Cbs provides the best breaking system among the rivals.
  • 12 ltr fuel tank enough for long rides.
  • Lot of color variants to choose from.
  • Riding position is good


  • No engine kill-switch button.
  • The headlamps are less powerful
  • mileage is 40-42kmpl
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