home cooked food for dogs

Homemade food for Dogs


Dr Suranjan Sarkar. 11-07-2017

Foods to give

For an adult dog

Rice, raw and boiled Vegetables, potato, milk products such as Paneer, Curd, Whey, pressure cooked chicken and mutton, Eggs, Chappati (if tolerated), fruits such as apple, mango, litchi, Papaya, Banana, Fish.

Foods to Avoid

Oil. Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk. Among vegetable tomatoes, onion and garlic should be avoided. Fruits such as Grapes, Orange, mousambi and all other citrus fruits should be avoided. Beside these resins, avocado, cakes, alcohol should be avoided.

Feeding Schedule for an Adult Dog


Any one of these

  • Rice and chicken boiled
  • Potato and chicken boiled
  • rice and mutton
  • 2 to 3 boiled Egg and Roti(if tolerated)
  • some commercial food dipped in curd


Pressure cook Rice, Lentil, Vegetable, potato, chicken or mutton and serve with mild salt sprinkled on it. Please note that quantity of Rice and Lentil should be equal to the amount of chicken or mutton.

you may cook the above food in large quantity and keep it refrigerated and may be fed to the dog as a meal.


An adult dog is fed once or twice daily, so there is hardly any need for dinner, but in India, pet owners tend to feed the dog at night as dinner. If a dinner is to be fed it should be very light not exceeding 100 gms.

In dinner, dog may be fed curd rice, curd and two roti

  • curd rice
  • curd and two roti
  • Paneer
  • whey in summer

You may feed your dog raw food. Please read my article on raw food.

Points to consider for preparing homemade food

  1. Protein and Carbohydrates should be equal
  2. meat and milk product should not be mixed
  3. if the dog is allergic to certain food it should be avoided
  4. Human food containing salt, sugar or oil should never be fed 
  5. human food scraps should be avoided
  6. Don’t give food to your dog whenever you are eating something

Some mistakes about dog food

1.Milk is good for dogs.

Maybe it is good, but milk has its own set of problems when fed to an adult dog. When a dog is young it has enzymes in her stomach to digest milk but as the dog grows up that enzyme is no longer there, so an adult dog cannot digest milk. it just goes in and comes out as such.only benefit it serves in an adult dog is that milk serves as a good laxative. Milk produces gas in the stomach causing the dog to pass foul smelling gases. Your dog may suffer from loose motion or may even vomit. In some dogs, worm load becomes high due to milk. but this is not a general case. Some dogs may tolerate milk very well all through their life.  you may get a clear picture by watching this following video

2. Feeding Dogs some edible items that are very tasty for human but dangerous for dogs.

Pet owners especially children tend to give chocolate, cake or human biscuit, fried food to their pet as treat to show their love.  These human food are dangerous for dogs as they cause kidney failure or poisoning. This tasty food should be avoided or it may cost the life of the dog.

3. Feeding the dog something which pet shop have pressurised you 

There are certain food items which pet shop keepers push to sell just because it gives them a large profit or margin. These are again very dangerous for dogs. The latest example is meat jerky, as veterinarian and scientist find out these meat jerky are poisonous for dogs.

4. The more the better

The dog keeps on begging you for food and you keep giving the food and then your dog becomes sick due to overeating. It is best to give a measured quantity of food in every meal.

some homemade dog food videos

One more very popular video on youtube.

Some human food that your dog shouldn’t eat!!

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