Home treatment of mange in dogs

Mange- A brief introduction.

Mange is a nuisance for all dogs. Caused by Sarcoptic scabiei or Demodex Canis almost all dogs suffer from mange once or more in their life. Even the cleanest dog has this disease. The parasite or the mites live in the sebaceous gland of skin. This is why it is almost impossible to remove completely the mites from dogs. The modern treatment mostly aims or succeed to remove mites from the surface of the skin of dogs. The mites live buried in the skin and when the opportunity arises the mites cause trouble for the dog. This is the reason for this article, there are certain things you can do for home treatment of mange.

Mange in dogs
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This condition is contagious. The invisible mite gets into your sofa, bed or even your clothes. Pet owners have complained of itching themselves. 

This condition occurs in dogs in two forms

Pustular mange

This is localised form. The pustules are located in certain places in the body. There is very less itching. This condition is mostly seen in dogs less than two years of age.


Mange happens to dogs with the weak immune system. The vulnerable one is the growing ones who have a weak immune system. Some dogs may be recovering from some disease. 

The dogs’ immune system may become weak if you are feeding the dog wrong food. Sometimes dogs are fed grain containing food such as Chapati, too much rice, bread and their immune system become weak. These dogs suffer from mange recurrently. Unless their food habits are not changed to a healthy one, no medicine shall work. 

Therefore, before starting treatment please ensure a healthy diet and exercise.

Home treatment of mange

Now coming to the main point of home treatment of mange. Please follow the following steps.

home treatment of mange in dogs


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