Having A Dog can improve your love life- Here is How!!

A dog can save a marriage or can make one happen

This is a scientifically proven fact that any man who can tender care to a pet, qualifies more as a good lover than those who do not own a pet. Consequently, Girls tend to trust more a person who has a dog. This is just another reason to keep a pet dog. You can get a date if you go to dog park.

You cannot expect the same result from having a cat. Cat require much less attention or care in comparison to dogs.

Dogs help increase social interaction. 

How can a dog save a marriage? 

Imagine a situation when you came home after a hard day work. Tired and tense. If you have a dog he will ease all your worries. You will feel a sense of belonging. And so you will talk and behave normally or more lovingly to your spouse.

And if you do not have a dog. You will end up fighting with each other. 

In the middle of a fight with your spouse – only one to enter the room is your dog.

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Small animal veterinarian for last 20 years. works in self-owned pet clinic in Ranchi, India called Pluto Pet Clinic. Published several articles on pets and social media in various national and international pet magazines, blogs. Part of many international organisations including Nabuur, Mission Rabies, Asian Society of small animal dermatology, WSAVA.

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