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How to handle a picky eating dog!

Choosy eater, the finicky eater, the picky eating dog no matter whatever you call, the problem appears serious. You may search on internet about a picky eating dog and there are so many articles blaming the pet owners themselves. This problem occurs to most small dogs who are on your lady’s lap most of the time and also all other overly pampered dogs.


starts when you start feeding your dog whenever you eat. and maybe you tend to give some of what you eat believing “A Little won’t harm my dog”, though it does. So you start feeding peanuts, fried chicken, doughnuts, cakes, chips.  Then your dog longs for eating these treats and not his food.

At this point some pet owners who consider themselves a little wise they start mixing treats with food. It is like saying eat your food I will give a special treat. This way your dog starts expecting to get more exciting food. Therefore, the dog shows finicky behaviour in eating. This also increases chances of obesity. Additionally, our nutritional requirement and that of our dogs are different, so feeding too much treat shall increase chances of dogs becoming sick. 


Since you have jeopardised the eating behaviours of your dog, therefore you have to resolve this issue with strict adherence to rules of healthy dog eating. here are the steps

fussy eating dog

If all the above fails to bring your dog into a routine, healthy eating behaviour try this with a stone in your heart. You will succeed to make your dog healthy. 

Serve food in your dog’s bowl.  ask him to eat. stay with him for 15 to 30 minutes with frequently requesting your dog to eat. do not hand feed. If he eats within 30 minutes, fine, if not take the bowl away. Repeat this process in next scheduled feeding time. After two to three days your dog will start eating on his own. While doing this process believe that your dog will stay healthy even if he doesn’t eat anything for 5 days

Finally a word of advice, food is what we are or what our dogs are, therefore a healthy eating will keep your dog healthy throughout their life. If you want to treat your dog treat him with homemade dog foods.


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Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

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