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Exercise your puppy in your home

If you live in India, you already know how difficult it is to walk your puppy on the street. Whenever you take your puppy or even adult dog, all the street dog start following your dog and they even break out in a quarrel.

If you are just now welcoming home your first furry baby, you are about to learn just how awesome a puppy pen can be – a real sanity-saver for both you and your puppy!

But like puppies, puppy play pens come in all shapes, sizes and styles. And sometimes it can be a real challenge to figure out which one is the all-around best puppy playpen for your little fur baby!

Not to worry – we are here to help! We have scoured the available research to discover the “best of the best” in each playpen puppy category.

This article will give you the lowdown on which pens get top marks for a small puppy playpen and a large puppy pen, plus plenty of insights on different playpen materials and perks.

Read on to find the best puppy exercise playpen for your new puppy – and when you find it, we’d love to hear why you chose that particular puppy pen and what you and your puppy love most about it!

What is a puppy playpen?

So first things first – what exactly is a puppy playpen? How is a puppy playpen different from a crate, a carrier or an exercise pen?

There are some similarities but there are also some important differences. Whether you choose an indoor puppy pen or an outdoor puppy playpen, the ultimate goal is the same: a puppy playpen will keep your puppy safely confined while offering more space to play and roam than a puppy crate can provide.

Right about now, you are probably already grasping the reason why puppy owners love puppy playpens so much. They are roomy yet totally safe for your puppy during times you can’t provide 100 percent supervision.

Best of all, a puppy playpen can ensure your puppy is able to stay near you throughout the day in a totally safe way.

This simple proximity can greatly reduce anxious puppy behaviours like whining, scratching, barking and crying and allow you to focus on the day’s to-do list without worrying about what your puppy may be up to!

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