English Line Labrador pup in Patna

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presents high-quality English line Labrador pup in Patna.

English line labrador- a Brief description

Labradors bred for show and conformation have become commonly known as English type Labradors as they’re way more common in the UK.

English Labs are used for hunting.

What Does A Typical English Type Or Show Bred Labrador Look Like?

English Labrador side view
English line labrador for sale in Patna

 the English type looks like:

  • More substantial with a heavier look about them. Block like and bigger built with barrel chests, they’re noticeably wider and more ‘solid’ looking.
  • Has a wider head with a more pronounced and better-defined stop, a fuller face and a shorter muzzle which further adds to their more solidly built appearance.
  • Has a thicker, more powerful looking neck.
  • Has a very noticeably thicker coat.
  • Has a wider, thicker and generally straighter tail.
  • Has shorter legs and hence don’t stand quite so tall.
  • Has a shorter body.
  • Bred for conformation they’re usually far closer to how the breed standard is written than the American type. 

Here is photo of the pups available


Labrador pups

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