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Dogs love it Raw!

Raw food for dogs

Professional dog organisations such racing dogs, police dog or sniffer dogs are feeding raw diets all over the world. This is because dogs are primarily carnivorous animals. By feeding raw food dogs get readily available nutrition. 

Yet raw feeding is not in vogue in-house dogs. Dog food industry is an enormous business.  Modern pet industry would never want the truth about dog food to be made public.

Dog love raw

Commercial pet industry never acknowledges that raw dog food is healthy, they like to spread the word that Raw food is dirty through their team of experts. 

When it comes to feeding dogs veterinarian as well as pet owners care for two things

  1. Nutritional Integrity

  2. Food safety

Raw dog food is not cooked so the nutritional integrity of food is preserved. Commercially available kibbles involve high-pressure cooking. Consequently, in this process, many vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids, are lost. Nutritional enzymes are lost to almost nil.

Raw dog food should be free from harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is preferred to feed dogs freshly cut meat in place of commercially available raw pet food. 

A dogs diet should be complete and balanced. Complete means diet should have all the essential nutrients.

What are the advantages of raw dog food!

  1. Greater immunity– This is why wolves in the wild rarely fall sick. Dogs on raw food have a healthier immune system. They have fewer wounds in their body. more resistant to ticks and mites.
  2. Less dental problems– Raw food needs to be torn. The tooth will get the much-needed message of gum and more blood circulation. 
  3. Reduces obesity– The common problem of feeding commercial food is obesity. Commercial food has corn and starch as the fillers, these leads to obesity. Raw food has more protein and less carbohydrate, just opposite of commercial pet food.
  4. Shinier fur– The raw meat contains all essential fatty acids, therefore shinier coat
  5. Better Digestion– Dog have short digestive tracts. Their digestive system is such that they can digest meat more readily than plant material. Therefore, raw meat is digested more readily and saves energy in digesting plant material. 
  6. Allergies especially food allergy shall be the thing of past.
  7. Lesser diseases such as Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Chronic Diarrhea.

Raw diets can be classified into two types 

  1. Homemade raw diets

  2.Commercial Raw Diets

Homemade raw diet

I have dealt with this subject in my another article, you may go through it in Homemade food recipes for dogs.This is food or diet chart is what I tell every client coming to my pet clinic.  Apart from that, many recipes available on the internet. Here are a few

Dogs love Raw
Dog food recipes

Dogs love Raw

Dogs love Raw

Commercial raw food

There are lots of commercial dog foods available. 

Dogs love Raw

Dogs love raw

Dogs love Raw

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