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How do dogs know death- Secret hidden in ancient text

Premonition of death

This is now a well-documented truth that dogs know about impending death of a person. This has been shown in the popular movies of dog Hachiko . We find many such stories floating on the internet. 

It is said dogs can see aura in a human body. There are many instances when a dog howls in the community. This goes on for days, then you hear someone die in that neighbourhood. This phenomenon has been reported many times.ath?  If you try to find the answer scientifically or through the western way of paranormal knowledge – you won’t find an answer. 

Ancient Hindu scripture

This phenomenon is clearly written in Hindu texts. From the times of Rig Veda (15000 CE), Dog has got the special position in Hinduism. The dog was known as the protector of property and livestock. 

In ancient Hindu scripture, the dog is mentioned as the mount of Lord Bhairava – a form of Lord Shiva. lord Shiva is regarded as the symbol of destruction or death. In Sanskrit Kal means time. Lord Kaal bhairava controls time, controls how much an earthly being supposed to live. As dogs are mounts of Kaal Bhairava. Therefore, dogs know when his master Kaal bhairava arrives to take a soul. 

kal bhairava

In Nepal – where people still follow the ancient tradition. They worship dogs. In India, dogs are no more worshipped. They have forgotten many ancient traditions. India was under Muslim rule for over 600 years. Islamic people do not like dogs. Their religious text “Koran” mention dogs as unsacred or unholy. This is the reason, it is mentioned in Koran to wash hands 7 times after touching a dog. Consequently, this feeling has crept into the minds of Hindu people- a result of 600 years of Islamic rule.

In India, in present times dogs are regarded as inauspicious by the modern, superstitious people. They are not allowed to enter temple premises. Moreover, It is expected to bath after touching a dog, then to do some auspicious work or enter the temple.

Paradoxically India has the largest population of dogs in the world. People now regard dogs as their family member in cities as well as in rural areas. 

Kukur Tihar- Worshipping dogs 

Nepal – untouched by the invasion of Moghals or British follows many thousands of years old tradition, dating back to Vedic times.

Kukur Tihar
Dog worship festival of Nepal

Many now strongly believe Aryan invasion theory is wrong, people are living in India and Nepal since Vedic times. Nepalese people follow a tradition of worshipping Dogs. It is celebrated second-day of Diwali- a festival of lights. It is called “Kukur Tihar“.

kukur tihar

In this festival, each dog whether housed or strays are garlanded, fed special food and a special paint made from rice are smeared on the forehead. This is done with the belief of prolonging life as dogs are considered messenger of Yama- God of death

Dogs pick up sonic vibrations and frequencies that we humans cannot but at the same time we do sense them, but because of our state of mind, we cannot decipher their meaning. Premonitions are real.  Dogs are associated with supernatural power or black magic, I have dealt with that subject in another article covering Goddess Kali, dogs and ways to gain supernatural power


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