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A true dog lover of Ranchi- Mr Uttam Kujur

A true dog lover 

Mr Uttam kujur is a dog lover in the true sense. He has two dogs in his home. numerous dogs in his extended family. 

Additionally, we are proud to say we are attached to his family serving his dogs for almost five years now. This is a matter of pride. No doubt, he recommended us to many of his friends and family members- Ms Prity Tirky, Ms Vijaya Lakra. Consequently, we can say that Mr Kujur is our values client. One most important thing about him- He keepa all his dog- desi or breed, vaccinated as per proper schedule.

Furthermore, he is connected to facebook profile of Pluto Pet Clinic through his facebook profile. Recently he came with his would be the bride to our clinic. Here are some pictures. 

Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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