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What causes depression in DOGS and how to HELP them ?


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Dogs are strikingly similar to humans as far as emotions are concerned. Like humans, dogs too get depressed when things do not go as they wish. While, we can rationalise our feelings and seek a way out, our dogs are not so lucky…they need our love and care in such difficult times.





“My dog is not active, not eating much, not playing, always tries to be alone in the corner
 of room, she shows no interest when I call, I guess she must be very sick, doctor please
 cure her” – this is a type of statement when a sick dog is brought to my clinic. I then examine 
the dog and may find  all his vital signs normal – temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and 
ECG – all appear just fine. Then why are these complaints becoming more and more common
 and why are these dogs withdrawn from their surroundings? That’s the time when I start talking
 to pet parents to understand the underlying problem.I ask them about their daily routine, their 
occupation, how their dog was brought home, who takes care of their dogs, when their dogs go 
outside and who plays with the doggy, etc, etc. Then I get to understand the problem – these
 dogs are suffering from depression.
It almost always begins like this – “My son/daughter used to take care of our doggie, now that
 they have shifted to other city for higher studies, there is nobody to take care of our dog. We
 don’t even take our dog out for nature call as we get it done in our toilet, so our dog stays indoors
 all the time without any playmate.” So these poor guys, who are social animals, get rightfully depressed.
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