Dentadish review

Dentadish review- Dog slow feeding bowl that cleans your dog’s teeth

No need to clean dog teeth with hands

DentaDish is easy to use, slow feeder bowl that actually cleans teeth while dogs eat. It helps prevent doggy dental and gum disease. Here is a Dentadish review.

Though typically dog breath isn’t taken as a serious problem, it is actually the most common sign of oral disease in dogs. DentaDish is the only dog bowl that is clinically proven to reduce the formation of plaque, tartar, and help prevent gum diseases.

Soft bristles on the inside of the bowl gently yet effectively clean teeth, slow down eating and help keep food in the bowl.

How Dentadish helps!!

Food bloat, or twisted stomach, occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a lot of air.  Consequently, The air turns into the gas and causes the abdomen to swell, putting pressure on the heart, lungs, and other organs. Dogs who gulp down their food might also not feel satisfied which can cause overeating and begging.

Dentadish helps in slowing down a pet’s eating helps to reduce excess air intake and prevents bloating. The soft bristles break up the bowls surface area, preventing dogs from being able to inhale their food. This simple device can make mealtime last up to ten times longer compared to regular bowls.

DentaDish is made with food-safe materials and is both BPA and Phthalate free. The non-skid rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place, prevents spills and creates a firm grip on slippery surfaces. Additionally, it is durable, food-safe materials and co-molded construction make DentaDish safe for dishwashers.

DentaDish comes in two convenient sizes. Includes measurement lines (cups and grams) on the inside of the bowl to make sure the appropriate amount of food is served. The small size fits up to two cups of food and is recommended for dogs under 40lbs. The larger bowl can fit up to four cups of food and is recommended for dogs over 40lbs.

Therefore, DentaDish is the easiest most efficient way ever to feed dogs while helping to maintain good oral health and hygiene.  

Hope you liked our article on Dentadish review. Keep your chopper healthy! Get a Dentadish now!!

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