Top 5 common health mistakes by pet owners!

Are you committing mistakes on your pet!

You will be amazed to know that it is not only the new pet owners committing these mistakes, it is also the long time and seasoned pet owners who make health mistakes.

The seasoned pet owners are so blinded following their mistakes that they don’t take the advice of their veterinarian.  When something goes wrong they blame their vet and forgetting their own committed mistakes.

These are some of the common health mistakes committed by pet parents.

1. Wrong food and quantity

Most often pet owners feed adult food to puppies and either in less than required quantity and frequency or overfeeding them. When puppies are fed adult feed they cannot digest it and they suffer from vomiting or diarrhoea and if they are fed in lesser quantity or frequency then their appetite become depraved and they start eating soils and dirty materials.

Solution– For choosing the correct food for your dog read my article on food. To calculate the food amount you may use merrick food calculator.

2. Feeding vegetarian food to dogs.

Vegetarianism and vegans are increasing day by day. According to study in UK numbers of vegans rose by 360 percent in last 10 years

Vegetarian people start feeding vegetarian food to their dogs at a very young age. They have the feeling that if they start feeding vegetarian food to their dogs at an early stage their dog will become a vegetarian. Ignoring the fact that dog is a carnivorous animal and not omnivorous like us human and they certainly are not herbivorous. Feeding vegan food to pets can have many problems such as taurine deficiency, skin problems, atopic dermatitis etc. 

3. Feeding sweets, chocolates and table scraps to dogs

Kind of mistakes is usually made to miniature breeds.  These breeds of dogs most of the time sitting on children’s lap. Pet owners when sat at the dining table, these lapdog starts begging for human food. Therefore, these Pet owners are generally forced to feed their pets homemade human food .This human food on later stages causes kidney failure, haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (confused with parvoviral enteritis by the vets) and food poisoning. This is the most common cause of death among puppies in household condition.


4. Vaccination and de-worming

Inaccurate vaccination is the next common health mistake. Vaccination during the first year is expensive. Pet owners sometimes skip one or two life-saving vaccines to save money. Sometimes pet owners vaccinate their pet during the early years but when pets get older the owners forget to get their pet vaccinated on time. Consequently, the pet gets sick with some life-threatening disease and dies at an early age. Likewise, It is easy to forget scheduled deworming dates.

5. Ignoring signs of illness

Dogs and cats hide their signs of illness. This is their wild nature. They show signs of illness when they are severely sick or cannot hide their illnesses anymore. Sometimes pet owners take heed of these signs of illness at a very late stage of disease, till then the disease would have progressed to an incurable stage.

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