stop unwanted pregnancy in bitches

Want to prevent unwanted pregnancy in bitches!!

Bitches as young as 6 months can be pregnant! If you don’t want your female dog to be pregnant this article is for you. A bitch as young as 6 months old can have pups which is something many people don’t realise. It is not until well into the pregnancy that any real signs become […]

household hazards for dogs and cats

Common household hazards for dogs and cats- Part 1

Our pets are like our children. Just like children when they roam our house, they stumble to many things and these sometimes cause hazards to them. Dogs, especially the young ones like to explore, they play with ropes, our shoes, etc. They unknowingly fell into accidents. Here I give a list of things to watch […]

Cushing's disease

Cushing’s disease among Spitz, poodle on rise

Dreadful Cushing’s disease among poodle and spitz is on rising. I searched over internet and saw that the cases are rising all over the world. In my town, I have seen this case more on cases of unvaccinated adults.  Therefore, It is important t to understand this disease. What causes the Cushing’s disease There is […]

hind leg weakness

Is your dog suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy!

It is not uncommon to see a dog suffering from hind limb lameness. Furthermore, this happens at growing age but can happen at any age. Why this happens. Number one cause of this condition is Degenerative Myelopathy. other reason might be hip dysplasia, Cushing’s disease etc. Whatever be the cause the affected dog suffers from back […]

dog not eating

Your dog not eating food!!

This is is the primary complaint I receive in my clinic “Doctor my Bruno is not eating for last few days”. In most of the cases, I find that dog is active, devoid of any dental problem, not feverish, still, dog not eating. Therefore, I discuss this issue here, so that you may know what to […]

nose bleeding dogs

Is your dog’s nose bleeding !

Today is the third day in a row I saw cases of nose bleeding in dogs in Pluto Pet Clinic. Almost all of the dogs I saw had the same history and also a reason. The dog parents have gone on holiday trips, they kept their dog in some dog boarding. There these poor dogs […]

feeding mistakes in cats

Top 5 common health mistakes by pet owners!

Are you committing mistakes on your pet! You will be amazed to know that it is not only the new pet owners committing these mistakes, it is also the long time and seasoned pet owners who make health mistakes. The seasoned pet owners are so blinded following their mistakes that they don’t take the advice […]

deadly dog food

Top 10 deadly food for dogs

Foods to avoid for dogs Here is a list of food that should not be fed to dogs. Moreover, This acts like slow poison. Consequently, your dog will suffer from kidney or liver failure. Renal failure is a major noninfectious cause of untimely death of dogs.

golden retriever puppies in Ranchi

Canine Distemper – a dreadful disease

How dangerous canine distemper really is? Much has been said about canine distemper. you will find much information all over the internet and text. Still, I felt a need to write something about this disease because I have something to say based on my experience. This is a disease of dogs which when affecting dogs […]

Vegetarian food recipe for your dogs

Homemade vegetarian dog food My earlier post on making a pet vegetarian received too much traffic. Therefore,I have attempted to write some tried and tested food recipe for veggie dogs: Pulses soaked overnight are pressure cooked along with vegetables and served with mild salt. Fruit Salad-Strawberries, blueberries, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon and bananas all are great […]

Read This! before buying a dog!

Read This!! Before you buy a Dog!

Dog owners in India or Asia bring home a pet but unable to bear high cost of vaccination and food, so they go to dog breeders for spurious vaccination and start giving left over food to their pets.

a healthy dog

Tips to prevent your pet from skin diseases without drugs

Is it really possible to save pets from getting skin diseases? This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their pets. This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their Pets. Half of this money accounts for skin problems. This boatload of money can easily […]

Newly married couple with their dog

Having A Dog can improve your love life- Here is How…

A dog can save a marriage or can make one happen This is a scientifically proven fact that any man who can tender care to a pet, qualifies more as a good lover than those who do not own a pet. Consequently, Girls tend to trust more a person who has a dog. This is […]

slow bowl- Prevent your dog from choking

Wrong Food Bowl can kill your Dog !!

Observation Recently a leading Dog feed company demonstrated a new range of food for dogs. They gave me a lot of samples to try. I tried this food by serving the dogs that came to our clinic. they liked the food very much. I found that some dogs who were anorectic or not eating for some – […]

Food for young puppy

I am writing this article for the first time dog owners. I have seen much death in pups because of feeding wrong food. 6 to 8 weeks of age At this age, a pup should get mothers milk. sometimes it is not possible to keep a pup with the mother and it is at this crucial […]

raw dog food

Feed your dog Raw

Professional dog organisations such racing dogs, police dog or sniffer dogs are fed raw diets all over the world. Yet raw feeding is not in vogue in house dogs. When it comes to feeding dogs veterinarian as well as pet owners care for two things Nutritional Integrity Food safety A dogs diet should be complete […]

food not for dogs

Human Food that your dog should avoid

Don’t feed human food to your dog 1.Milk is good for dogs. Maybe it is good, but milk has its own set of problems when fed to an adult dog. When a dog is young it has enzymes in her stomach to digest milk but as the dog grows up that enzyme is no longer […]

Scientist view on benefits of a Pet

  There is no doubt that living with pets benefits us. Scientist all over the world has tried to quantified the benefit through their research. In this article, we have tried to show some notable benefit of keeping pets. More years to live Some scientist at the University of Pennsylvania it was found that pet […]

Dog brought to Pluto Pet Clinic, Ranchi for emergency treatment

Emergency Treatment for Dogs of Ranchi

Emergency Treatment-Asthma in Dogs Recent trends Asthma Cases in Dogs of Ranchi are rising. The same is true for all over India. The rising pollution level is mostly to be blamed. This condition mostly affects short-snouted dogs such as Pugs, boxer. As dogs are more sensitive they get it first then Children.       […]

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