dog behaviour

Dog Etiquette starts with full trained owner

Dog Etiquette Starts With a Well-Trained Owner  Dogs can be a great addition to your life. They love unconditionally and are extremely loyal, and the way they wag their tails on even the rainiest days makes their owners and others smile. But not everyone loves dogs. Some only like well-behaved pets, and others want nothing […]

fit dog

Is Your Dog Physically Fit?

The obesity crisis in Dogs There’s another obesity crisis in the country, and it’s happening to our dogs. More than half of all dogs are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. While a pudgy pup may look cute, those few extra pounds wreak havoc on your pet’s well-being: Dogs that […]

stop unwanted pregnancy in bitches

Want to prevent unwanted pregnancy in bitches!!

Bitches as young as 6 months can be pregnant! If you don’t want your female dog to be pregnant this article is for you. A bitch as young as 6 months old can have pups which is something many people don’t realise. It is not until well into the pregnancy that any real signs become […]

household hazards for dogs and cats

Common household hazards for dogs and cats- Part 1

Our pets are like our children. Just like children when they roam our house, they stumble to many things and these sometimes cause hazards to them. Dogs, especially the young ones like to explore, they play with ropes, our shoes, etc. They unknowingly fell into accidents. Here I give a list of things to watch […]

Cushing’s disease among Spitz, poodle on rise

Dreadful Cushing’s disease among poodle and spitz is on rising. I searched over internet and saw that the cases are rising all over the world. In my town, I have seen this case more on cases of unvaccinated adults.  Therefore, It is important t to understand this disease. What causes the Cushing’s disease There is […]

Is your dog suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy!

It is not uncommon to see a dog suffering from hind limb lameness. Furthermore, this happens at growing age but can happen at any age. Why this happens. Number one cause of this condition is Degenerative Myelopathy. other reason might be hip dysplasia, Cushing’s disease etc. Whatever be the cause the affected dog suffers from back […]

Top 5 common health mistakes by pet owners!

Are you committing mistakes on your pet! You will be amazed to know that it is not only the new pet owners committing these mistakes, it is also the long time and seasoned pet owners who make health mistakes. The seasoned pet owners are so blinded following their mistakes that they don’t take the advice […]

deadly dog food

Top 10 deadly food for dogs

Foods to avoid for dogs Here is a list of food that should not be fed to dogs. Moreover, This acts like slow poison. Consequently, your dog will suffer from kidney or liver failure. Renal failure is a major noninfectious cause of untimely death of dogs. Dr Suranjan SircarSmall animal veterinarian for last 20 years. […]

golden retriever puppies in Ranchi

Canine Distemper – a dreadful disease

How dangerous canine distemper really is? Much has been said about canine distemper. you will find much information all over the internet and text. Still, I felt a need to write something about this disease because I have something to say based on my experience. This is a disease of dogs which when affecting dogs […]

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