Clients of Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Our client Anushka Moitra

Dog with multiple organ failures treated On 5th December 2017 on a cold evening, our client Ms Anushka Moitra came hugging a nearly dying dog. Ms Moitra was weeping, said that she got her dog treated at a local pet clinic, where the doctor gave the dog some injection and asked her to visit their private […]

Top gun in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Top gun in our clinic

Top Guns More and more army people are choosing Pluto Pet Clinic as their preferred place for vaccination and treatment of their dogs. Yesterday a happy couple came along with their dog for vaccination. They require special mention because both of them are serving the army. They were Captain Abhishek and Lieutenant Nupur Sharma. Originally belonging to New […]

Abha Kerketta in Pet Clinic, Ranchi

A true dog lover of Ranchi- Mr Uttam Kujur

A true dog lover  Mr Uttam kujur is a dog lover in the true sense. He has two dogs in his home. numerous dogs in his extended family.  Additionally, we are proud to say we are attached to his family serving his dogs for almost five years now. This is a matter of pride. No […]

Pooch visitors of Pluto Pet clinic Ranchi

Ruxana with her newly bought dog in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Advice for first-time pet owners Ruxana bought a new Spitz dog. Soon after getting the new pet from kennel she searched over the internet for a pet clinic in Ranchi and She found Pluto Pet Clinic. Inspired by our  page for first-time pet owners, she booked an appointment with us. Accordingly, we advised on feeding, how […]

Pug Tomaco hides in bosoms of her owner

Our valued client Dr Neha Minj

Once a Pluto Always a Pluto DR Neha Minj is a regular visitor in our clinic. We have put here photos of her two consecutive visits.  You can see how fast her pug- Tomaco has grown up. She feeds our recommended diet. Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi takes measures so that pet does not fall sick at […]

German Shepherd

Aman with German Shepherd Dog in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Clients from nearby town Mr Aman visits our Pet clinic in Ranchi from the nearby town of “Bero”. He covers 65 Km to come to our clinic. We are treating and taking care of his German shepherd since 2015. We once saved him from severe diarroea, when all another pet clinic in Ranchi failed. He […]

Persian Cat in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Beautiful cat April in our Pet Clinic

Persian Cat in our Pet Clinic In this post, I am sharing some beautiful pictures of  April. April is a Persian Cat. Her owner Dr Tuhina loves her very much. She visited our clinic on 19th August 2017. We felt honoured when she told us that Pluto Pet Clinic is the best pet clinic of […]

Responsible young generation Pet lovers of Ranchi

More and more young generation are adopting pets now. This trend is being seen in Ranchi among our clients.  

Ranchi’s growing trend of adopting stray cats as family members

    Now more than ever people are adopting cats as their preferred pets. Cats have several advantages over dogs. First and most important being they are not required to be taken outside for walk or exercise.    Cat parents are less fearful of cats as cats never bites unless they are very angry.Cats are […]

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