Why not everybody have paranormal experience!

Does paranormal exist! These are some questions that come to everybody’s mind.  Have you ever thought that some people believe in paranormal, psychics, occultism, ghosts, aliens, UFO and some believe these are nonsense! Why this happens. This has already been written in ancient texts. Especially, ancient Indian texts. If we go through Cheiro’s palmistry – […]

dog know death

How do dogs know death- Secret hidden in ancient text

Premonition of death This is now a well-documented truth that dogs know about impending death of a person. This has been shown in the popular movies of dog Hachiko . We find many such stories floating on the internet.  It is said dogs can see aura in a human body. There are many instances when a […]

Goddess Kali and Dog

Powers of goddess Kali!

Warning I have written this article based on my personal experience. Mentioned some events based on my belief, without any scientific proof. Just in case you want a rational explanation of my belief in occultism, my request is – Please don’t read any further and leave this page.  A little background Just after passing out my […]

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