Dog food

Right food for your dog

Best Dog food Every dog food company on earth claim that their food is best. Therefore a natural question how to know which dog food company is best for my dog. Here is some clue to get that answer.  AAFCO Standard AAFCO is a voluntary organization, which is comprised largely of regulatory officials who have […]

raw dog food

Dogs love it Raw!

Raw food for dogs Professional dog organisations such racing dogs, police dog or sniffer dogs are feeding raw diets all over the world. This is because dogs are primarily carnivorous animals. By feeding raw food dogs get readily available nutrition.  Yet raw feeding is not in vogue in-house dogs. Dog food industry is an enormous […]

dog having seizure

My Dog having seizure! How can i help!

We know that almost all dogs have a seizure at least once, in their lifetime, it may go unnoticed. Sometimes it is just a twitch of muscles, sometimes it is seizure costing the life of poor fellow. I receive calls in the middle of the night from pet parents that their dog is having a […]


How to handle a picky eating dog!

Choosy eater, the finicky eater, the picky eating dog no matter whatever you call, the problem appears serious. You may search on internet about a picky eating dog and there are so many articles blaming the pet owners themselves. This problem occurs to most small dogs who are on your lady’s lap most of the […]

breeds of dog

How to choose the right breed of dog for you!!

Tips to choose dogs This is the most asked question. I have answered this question a million times may be, without knowing the right answer. Actually, this question raises more questions. What kind of person are you? A lazy one? or Early to wake up in morning? are you lonely? Do you live in an Apartment […]

food not for dogs

Human Food that your dog should avoid

Don’t feed human food to your dog 1.Milk is good for dogs. Maybe it is good, but milk has its own set of problems when fed to an adult dog. When a dog is young it has enzymes in her stomach to digest milk but as the dog grows up that enzyme is no longer […]

home cooked food for dogs

Homemade food for Dogs

  Dr Suranjan Sarkar. 11-07-2017 Foods to give For an adult dog Rice, raw and boiled Vegetables, potato, milk products such as Paneer, Curd, Whey, pressure cooked chicken and mutton, Eggs, Chappati (if tolerated), fruits such as apple, mango, litchi, Papaya, Banana, Fish. Foods to Avoid Oil. Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk. Among vegetable tomatoes, onion […]

Why to visit a vet after getting a New Pet?

Brought a new puppy in your home!! It is hell a lot of responsibility than just cuddling and hugging and kissing .. read on

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